10 Steps of Dressing Your Baby in Winter Clothes

When it comes to dressing your baby during winters, it’s not exactly rocket science. Be wary of the baby’s needs at a certain time and dress him accordingly. The best tactic for winter clothing is: dress him in the same amount of layers as yourself, and maybe one level more. 

When it does come to winter clothing, mothers have a tendency of overdoing the baby’s dressing according to how they feel instead of thinking of how the baby must be feeling. To avoid this from happening in your case, we have gathered a few basics for your baby clothing ventures in winter. Keep these pointers in mind as your baby gets ready to experience his first chilly season

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Use Layered Clothing

It’s recommended to use layered clothing for the baby as the heat gets trapped between layers, providing comfort to the baby. A good rule of thumb would be to dress the baby in as many layers as you’d wear in that particular weather and add one more layer of clothing to it.

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Use Baby Carriers

The heat radiating from your body is the easiest method of providing the baby with warmth and comfort during the cold season. Using a Baby Carrier as you go around performing your tasks with the baby attached with you is a good way to provide the baby with care and warmth. 

Make Sure Room Temperature is Right

It’s important to keep the baby’s room temperature at a constant, whether it’s summer or winter. A temperature of 68-72 degrees is necessary to be maintained for the baby’s nursery. If the baby was born prematurely, then the temperature needs to be a little over 72 degrees. Too hot a temperature will increase the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome while too much cold can cause hypothermia.

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Watch Out for Dry Skin

Water is prone to drying out skin in the winters, and babies don’t need a bathe every single day either. Keep water exposure at a low, and lessen bathing time to up to 10 minutes at most. The water shouldn’t be too hot either, just warm enough to be comfortable for the baby. Get used to applying a good moisturizer to the baby, that doesn’t include too many chemicals. If the baby’s skin is irritated or red, contact the doctor.

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Observe the Baby for Warning Signs

It’s good to take the baby for walks during this season. Spending a nice peaceful evening at a park seems like a great bonding hour. But limit the amount of time spent on these trips. If the baby starts showing signs of shivering, turning cold or unusually pale, it’s time to go to a warm cozier place.

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Observe for Overheating:

Mothers can very easily overdo the layers and the overall winter gear can become too overwhelming for the little one. Hence, be wary of overheating signs and symptoms. When the baby feels too hot, he can become flushed, sweaty and can also seem irritable than usual. Another sign of overheating includes rapid breathing. They may become cranky and if the baby is old enough, they can also pull at their clothes to hint you to take his shirt off.

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Keep Blankets in the Baby Bag

Whenever you’re going on an outing with the little one, keep his blanket in the bag even if you’ve dressed him in more than enough layers. It’s better to have all your resources at hand then to feel sorry when it’s too late. The baby might feel chilly later and the blankets will come in handy. And if you’ve taken the layers off and the little one has fallen asleep, it’s easier to snuggle him in a blanket than to put the layers back on him and risk disturbing him while he sleeps.


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Beware of Covering the Stroller or Car Seat

Stroller and seat cover comes in very handy when the baby is outdoors and it’s raining or snowing. But be aware to remove the covers as soon as you enter indoors or in the car. It’s important to protect the baby from the cold but also from suffocating or sweltering him.


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Mittens and Hats

Your baby is going to need mittens and hats that cover his tiny sensitive hands and ears from the cold wind outside. Invest in stocking up their wardrobe in colorful and tiny Mittens, Hats and Socks.

Fewer Layers During Sleep

Make sure to take all those layers off when putting the baby to sleep. A good onesie and tiny blanket will be enough while the little one gets tucked in. Too many layers can heat up the baby and make him vulnerable to the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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When it comes to dressing the baby in winters, especially if you live in a town prone to chilly winds, rain, and snow, nothing seems to be enough because the baby is that much tiny and sensitive. But always observe the baby’s behavior while having dressed them in a certain manner. If they’re too irritable, shivery, cranky, or sweaty, look for signs of overheating or feeling too cold. Just experiment a few styles at home in different conditions to see how the baby responds and if he’s happy and comfy, there is your answer. A layer or two on top of that comfort, while going out, will be a good solution. 

Babies may not speak right now but there are always signs of how they must be feeling at any given moment, so look for those signs. For all your baby clothing needs, visit Little Angel Baby Clothes.

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