Essentials To Buy For A Post-Delivery Mom

Now that you have gone through the challenging task of giving birth and are entering the harder task of taking care of a newborn, remember that your body just performed a miraculous act of giving birth to a human being and it needs time to recover. 

Many women forget that their body also needs as much attention as the newborn they’re committing their 24/7 to. We can also call this period the fourth trimester, as the body is in more pain and discomfort than it was when the first trimester came to an end. This postpartum recovery period can be difficult to get used to, but just remind yourself that it’s temporary. And you will be in your pre-pregnancy healthy shape in no time, that is if you take care of yourself properly and give yourself time to heal.

You’re going to need help from your primary physician, your environment as well as some important accessories in order to heal in the best ways possible. We have combined a list of the essentials you’ll need to buy if you’re a post-delivery mom.

The Top-Most Postpartum Essentials:

Mothers usually stock up on everything the baby is going to need after birth but forget to buy the essential products their body is going to end up needing. The following list should give you the idea of what you need to buy while healing your body.


A substance known as ‘lochia’ is going to be released from your vagina, this is the left-over shedding from your uterus lining and it can go on for about 3-6 weeks. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use tampons during this period rather invest in some thick and, if possible, cool pads. Make sure they’re big in size and meant for healing because the plastic ones are going to cause more problems than help out in healing you.

Maternity Underwear:

You are going to need maternity bras and panties because your older ones would probably be uncomfortable and tight at this point. You need to not wear anything tight because your body will not do good with compresses clothing soon after having delivered a baby. Visit this Maternity Bras & Panties section for looking at your options.

Sitz Water:

Your body, especially the vaginal area, is going to be pretty bruised and wounded after delivery. It’s also possible for the perineum to get torn during the process of labor. Buy Sitz Bath Herbs to make the process of bathing and washing after going to the toilet more easier. These herbal products soothe your bruised skin and you don’t have to worry about proper clean-up, because you obviously won’t be using toilet paper anytime soon.

 Nursing Pads:

Another important necessity during this period is nursing pads. Your breasts are going to feel quite uncomfortable after feeding the baby and nursing pads are going to make you feel less discomfort while also drying up any patches of milk left behind. Look at a variety of Nursing Pads and buy whatever is more convenient for your needs.


Your body has already lost a lot of important liquids while delivering the baby. Remember to constantly hydrate yourself, drink a lot of water and juice, whichever suits you at any given moment. Don’t worry about having to pee too much because that’s only your body’s attempt to get rid of toxic waster and clean you up from the inside.

Maternity Sleepwear

Comfortable and fulfilling sleep is a must during this period. Don’t delay sleeping when your baby falls asleep because that little one won’t be as nice when it comes to your sleeping schedule. Comfortable sleeping gear is a must to make you fall asleep faster while you’re feeling at ease. Buy cozy and comfortable Maternity Sleepwear to have a good night’s sleep. 

Nipple Shield

Some women have flat or inward nipples that can make the task of getting the baby to latch-on more complex than it already is. Even with successful breastfeeding sessions, the nipples feel dry and cracked. Nipple shields help the area to be covered and it even eases the process of getting the baby to latch on and feed. 


Tea can be very helpful at soothing mothers after birth. Herbal or Green Tea can be especially helpful as they can even help tone the uterus. So you’ll have two benefits: soothing your nerves while toning your body at the same time.

Maternity Tops 

You need to have a wardrobe that is stretchy, big-size and comfortable for this recovery period because your body needs to feel free and light in order to properly recover. Make sure you look at the Maternity Tops collection to choose what suits you.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plants that are beneficial to one’s physical and psychological health. Postpartum moms need to get into the essential oil using business as they’re known to release stress, calm one’s nerves and help in focusing, improve skin problems i.e. allergies, rashes, etc, boost energy and digestion. Some important essential oils include Lavender, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Rose, Tea Tree, Jasmine, etc.

Nipple Cream/Lotion

 Breastfeeding is a trying task. The entire area is going to be in a lot of pain, dry and cracked all at once. The baby isn’t really going to consider that when feeding. So it’s necessary that you consider the problem. Buy plenty of cooling lotion and cream for soothing your nipples after every breastfeeding session to ease the task a little.

Nursing Covers

If you’re shy of breastfeeding in public or need to cover your baby in your lap while they take a nap, you will need to have plenty of nursing covers of different colors and designs to also match with your outfits so that you look stylish on-the-go. Have a look at these Nursing Covers to get a proper idea of what you need.

Breast Pump

Breast Pumps are going to come in a lot handy when you can’t breastfeed at a certain moment. Buy lightweight and easy to use pumps so that your time, as well as energy, isn’t consumed too much.

Peri Bottle

These are going to be a lot more useful, especially to be used for Sitz herbal products. They’re convenient and are going to become your go-to bottle for cleaning up purposes.

Cooling/Heating Pads

These covered gel products will become your best friends in the coming few weeks when you need to instantly soothe your wounded and sensitive areas after having delivered. Make sure you have at least 2 available for you to keep one in the freezer to cool up while warming the other, whenever you need it.

These are a few of the most important products you will need to help with your postpartum recovery and make your maternity tasks easier. If you need more information on the subject or want to do some maternity and baby shopping, visit Little Angel Baby Clothes for information and products.

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