Going On a Vacation: What to Pack with an Infant

When you have an infant to take care of and you decide to go on a vacation, it is nothing less than a courageous decision. A vacation isn’t like a walk in the park where you can take a tiny baby bag and a stroller, sit for a while and then come home when the baby starts showing signs of agitation. A vacation means days of not being at home, packing a bunch of clothes for not just yourself but also your infant who will change at least thrice a day; diapers for the journey, feeders, a few toys, a few blankets, and covers. 

The purpose of this blog isn’t to scare you or make you give up the decision of going out for vacation, rather make sure you don’t feel any inconvenience in the middle of your journey.

What to Pack for the Baby and Yourself?

  1. A good amount of Diapers, for the journey as well as for you reach in case you don’t find a diaper shop right away.
  2. At least 2 packs of baby wipes.
  3. 2-3 bibs
  4. Changing pads when you have to give your baby a diaper change; you can get disposable ones as well as reusable ones.
  5. Baby blankets and Nursing Covers.
  6. Changing clothes for the baby.
  7. Large-sized ziplock bags; you’ll need a lot of these to store the used/spoiled clothes in.
  8. Pacifiers and antibacterial wipes 
  9. Clothes for yourself.
  10. Cell phone and tablet chargers.
  11. Baby meal jars
  12. Breast pump and bottles for storing breastmilk/formula.
  13. Infant medical kit in case your baby ends up needing them; toddlers aren’t really used to traveling or long journeys on the road so they are more often than not bound to fall sick, and if your baby ends up having any minor injury this will come in handy. Pack some for yourself as well to calm your nerves.
  14. Energy-boosting bars and snacks for yourself.
  15. Baby Carrier; makes it easier to carry and keep your baby close in crowded spaces or in situations where your hands aren’t free.
  16. A few familiar toys for your baby that he loves to play with, in order to not let him get bored on the trip.
  17. A big and spacious Baby Bag to store all the goods for your outdoor trips when on vacation.

This may feel like a huge list for the baby, but when you actually get down to packing you will realize these items are essentials; you may feel the need to pack everything in your house for your baby but remind yourself that’s not necessary. Just pack the most essential items you or your baby can’t go a day without out of genuine need.

Going on vacation with the little one? Have a look at all these necessary Baby Care items. 

If your baby seems to have any allergies then pack the anti-allergic medication prescribed for the little one, and a few other cough and flu medications for the journey. Know how to fit every one of your items in the space available to you; it will need a few organizing skills but it’s not an impossible task. 

Tips for Traveling with an Infant

The following are a few tips that will make it easier for you to travel with your baby on your vacation.

  1. Start packing a few weeks prior to leaving; apart from the things you use on a daily basis, pack all the other necessities. Keep a list on hand to check whether you have everything you need, and keep adding whatever’s missing.
  2. Take the baby’s primary caretaker’s number and keep it with you at all times in case of an emergency.
  3. If you’re an avid reader, you may want to keep a clip-on reading light with you so as to not disturb your baby while you’re reading when he sleeps.
  4. Make sure the diaper bag you’re using has waterproof lining and shoulder straps for ease and convenience.
  5. Be prepared with spare shirts for both of you in your carry on, as your baby can have diaper leaks or spit up during the journey.
  6. Designate different sections in the suitcase for gloves, socks, and hats so you don’t have to fumble around to find them for your baby when the need arises.
  7. Keep the baby’s primary doctor’s number with you in case you need it in an emergency.

One important thing you need to remember while going on a vacation with your baby is, they are going to cry. They will not look at their surroundings while crying, or in some cases, they will. But no matter how many people are present or what kind of setting you’re in, your baby will not consider social norms before starting to cry or wail because of one or another reason. The best thing you can do during such an incident is, take a deep breath. The baby is already anxious, you becoming anxious due to the little one is not going to help your case. Try to calm him down, if possible take him out of the room. 

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