Morning Sickness and Possible Remedies

Among the hardest symptoms of pregnancy, morning sickness is always one of the first to be mentioned in the list. The condition starts around the 6th week of pregnancy and more often than not, this is the first sign to indicate someone’s pregnant.

The name of the condition ‘morning sickness’ is quite misleading, as it can occur at any time during the 24 hour time period and isn’t limited to mornings. It’s also known as nausea gravidarum. It’s not harmful to you or your baby but if you have excessive nausea and vomiting, you may have a condition called nausea hyperemesis; that can be harmful to you and your baby’s health and in such a situation, it’s necessary that you consult your doctor. 

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On normal levels, morning sickness is considered to be a good sign. The doctors report that it’s a suggestion the placenta is developing properly. Most cases show morning sickness to disappear by the 12-13 week period, around the time the second trimester begins. But that doesn’t happen always. For some women, morning sickness occurs throughout the pregnancy period, with changes in the intensity levels.

Causes of Morning Sickness:

Although there isn’t any proper cause for morning sickness, many agree that it can occur due to hormonal changes. 

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG):

This hormone is released by the embryo soon after conception. It’s the hormone responsible for positively confirming the pregnancy. It’s released in high amounts in the first trimester and is linked with causing nausea and vomiting during the period. Hence it’s a strongly connected cause of morning sickness.


During pregnancy, progesterone levels rise as well. Due to this rise, the uterus is relaxed in order to prevent early childbirth. However, due to this rise, the stomach and intestines may become relaxed, resulting in excessive stomach acids and acid reflux.


During this period a person’s senses may become heightened, hence the odors are stronger and nausea is triggered quite easily.

Risk Factors for Morning Sickness:

There are no known causes for morning sickness but if you fit into any of the following conditions, you may be more at risk to develop some severe forms of morning sickness than others. 

  1. You are having twins/triplets.
  2. You tend to have car sickness
  3. You have a history of migraines
  4. You had severe nausea/vomiting during your previous pregnancy (if any)
  5. You’re obese 
  6. Your family history has severe morning sickness

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Ways to Deal with Morning Sickness

While there isn’t any way for you to stop your morning sickness from occurring, there are a few ways you can deal with them to make the symptoms a bit more bearable. Here’s what you can do:

Find Out Your Trigger Factors:

It’s true that morning sickness can occur at any time during the whole day, but keep a note of when nausea gets triggered. If it occurs during the afternoon every day, maybe your neighbor’s cooking or the food being microwaved at your workplace are triggering it. The appropriate steps could be switching on the fan to its highest or going out for a walk in order to not deal with the smell.

Eat a Little Throughout the Day:

Some women feel queasy so much they settle for not eating the entire day, while others eat so much that it all gets thrown up or at least ends up making them feel queasy in-turn. The solution is to keep a stash of snacks (note: healthy snacks) stored up to eat whenever you feel the need. Having stored up, you will easily be able to nibble on a snack throughout the day without having to eat too much and also end up keeping your stomach happy by not starving it.

Consider the Possibility of Medications: 

Consult with your doctor if your morning sickness seems to be getting out of hand and they may prescribe you to take certain medications that can help you during this period.

Find Your Comfort Food:

It is necessary that you figure out what type of food you’re comfortable with eating, without feeling like you’ll throw up after a few bites. You may be feeling nauseated but that doesn’t mean you don’t need food; it’s vital to follow a good diet no matter what. Some foods that may seem like a life-saver for some women can feel like a threat to others. Cereal, carb-rich snacks, ice-cream, popsicles, certain types of fruits are all a favorite for many pregnant women. There are also those who prefer spicy food during this period. If you have any such specific preferences, go ahead and stock up. But please make sure you’re not eating an excessive amount of anything that will cause problems in the future.


Many women and doctors report that sleeping or even taking a short nap goes a long way to deal with morning sickness. If you feel like your body needs rest and is feeling nauseated as a result of that, make sure you give yourself the all-important rest you’ve been delaying.

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Don’t be Afraid to Speak-up

If your husband’s perfume is making you queasy, or a certain soap smell is turning your stomach, tell your partner or your housemates about the concern. If a coworker’s certain habits are unbearable, try and get a different spot to sit at for the next few months. Maybe everything won’t change according to your needs, but people certainly will listen and try to give you as much comfort as you need.


It might feel like a huge ask to have your 8 glasses of water per day when you can hardly keep a few sips down at times, but hydrating should be among your priorities. There is no excuse to delay drinking water.

Morning sickness is not an easy condition to deal with, so just remember you need to do what’s best for you. If you feel comfortable with the smell of baby powder rather than your normal powder then use that, given that it isn’t toxic to your health of course. Try to stay away from digital screens and if it’s necessary, then adjust those screens to fit with your own comfort. Make all the vital changes that will make this time bearable for you. Your health is what matters the most.

When to Call the Doctor?

If a woman starts experiencing severe morning sickness, it’s mandatory to contact the doctor for your own and your baby’s health during that time. The following symptoms indicate severity in symptoms:

  1. Urinate very little or their urine is dark in color
  2. Fainting or a fainting sensation after standing up, every time
  3. Racing heartbeat
  4. Can’t swallow or keep liquids down
  5. Badly severe nausea or vomiting
  6. Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Studies show that severe and persistent morning sickness i.e. Hyperemesis Gravidarum, has genetic risk factors than hormonal ones; 1-2 percent of women suffer through this condition. In a majority of cases, the condition goes away by the end of the 5th month. The symptoms include:

  1. Serious risk of weight loss and dehydration
  2. Alkalosis – drop in normal acidity of the blood
  3. Hypokalemia – low blood potassium

Women suffering from this condition need immediate medical help and ask your doctor’s recommendations for others (if any) necessary treatment procedures. 

It’s important to make sure you are on the right track during this period. You may not have all the answers and it can become frustrating to deal with most of the symptoms but you need to remember the ultimate outcome. As long as you feel satisfied after taking all the necessary steps properly, you should feel on the right track.

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