Pregnancy Trimesters – The Third Trimester

Finally, you’re entering the last stages of pregnancy. You feel excited in anticipation of the baby’s arrival but anxious as well due to the upcoming delivery process. Your belly may have gotten big through the first and second trimesters and you may think there is no way it could get bigger than this but let us assure you, it definitely will. So here is your walk through the third and last trimester of pregnancy.

The third trimester begins around the 28th week of pregnancy and goes on until delivery around the 40th week. You may have heard advice or seen cases where the baby is delivered in the 38th week or so but that’s not something we’d recommend unless there is a legitimate emergency and your doctor insists upon it for the sake of you and your baby’s health. Labour, however, can start a couple of weeks earlier or later. You do have the option to naturally induce labor on your own, but if the baby isn’t delivered even after the 42nd-week mark then you’ll be overdue and the doctor will choose to induce labor if it doesn’t begin on its own.

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Baby’s Growth During the Third Trimester

The baby that started out as a tiny fetus develops up to 3 ounces by the end of the first trimester and by the end of the second trimester, he should be about 2 ⅕ pounds and 16 inches long. By the time the 40th week reaches, your baby should weigh about 6-9 pounds and be 19-22 inches long. So you can expect a few kicks and movements in your belly.


Around the 7-8 month period, your baby will start developing bones from cartilage. For this, he will be taking a lot of calcium from you, hence you need to make sure you have an ample amount of calcium in your daily diet.

Skin and Hair:

By your pregnancy’s 32nd week the baby’s opaque skin becomes thicker and he sheds off the vernix (the waxy substance protecting him from the amniotic fluid) and lanugo (the hairy coat that keeps him warm in the uterus).


During this trimester, the baby’s brain will grow at a much faster rate, with him experimenting a few skills like blinking, dreaming, and regulating homeostasis.


By the 29th or 30th week, the baby’s touch receptors will be fully developed. He will be able to tell light from dark, taste what you eat and also listen to your voice, hence it becomes easier for him to distinguish your voice from others once he is born

Digestive System:

During the final weeks of pregnancy, in the 9th month, the baby’s first poop – meconium – starts forming consisting of vernix, lanugo and blood cells, in his intestines.

Around the 34th-35th week, the baby turns upside down in order to prepare for safe delivery. Although if your little one is stubborn, he won’t turn and then the doctor will attempt to turn him manually around the 37-38th week period.

Changes in Your Body

With the big delivery date fast approaching, your baby is quickly preparing to come into this world and with that comes the high amount of changes your body is going through. One notable change is in the shape of your belly bump getting bigger the rest just follows.

Abdomen Aches: 

As your belly gets bigger, the round ligaments supporting your abdomen stretch further to support that weight. This can result in causing cramps and sharp pain in the pelvis. The only remedy is for you to be patient and maybe relax as much as possible. 


The second trimester was a comparatively easy period because now in the third one, counting down those days to every passing week you will be bound to feel more and more exhausted with the anticipation of the baby and the changes happening in your body. Make sure to eat properly, exercise and be active.

Varicose Vein: 

You may notice the veins that start being visible on your feet and other lower parts of your body due to the extra blood pumping through your veins but they will disappear postpartum if you didn’t have them before pregnancy.


Also known as Braxton Hicks Contractions, these will start to occur frequently in your body to get you ready for the coming labor.


You will start experiencing a lot more backache during this trimester due to the pregnancy hormone, relaxin, being released in the body. It loosens your joints while the weight of your belly makes you lean forward and have an inappropriate posture, causing a lot of pain in the back.

In some rare cases, women experience sciatica during pregnancy. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back to the ankles and feet and this condition happens when these nerves are compressed due to bulging, narrowing of the spinal cord, etc.

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Another side-effect of these last few months of pregnancy is the number of dreams you’ll experience having, that will be more vivid in nature. And not all of them will seem normal, but it’s okay. Just enjoy them the way you have to stay patient through the rest and it will all be worth it in the end.

Bladder Control:

With the baby now reaching a normal size, your belly stretches further to make room for the little one and a lot of that pressure falls on the bladder with your pelvis finding it harder to control itself. Even something as small as sneezing may end up causing you to pee.

Stretch Marks:

Tiny tears will appear on the body as the skin is being stretched beyond its limits. These marks are usually a cause of genetics and you should make sure to use as much lotion and moisturizer as possible. It may not remove them but it will minimize them. 


This is common during pregnancy as the growing uterus pushes the stomach and its contents upward. It isn’t something to worry about but if it bothers you too much then you can discuss a solution with the doctors.

What Symptoms Do You Need to Look Out For?

Now that you know the changes that will go through your body in the 7th, 8th and 9th months, it’s also important you lookout for the symptoms that indicate the baby is more prepared than ever to come out into this world. 

Waddling gait

Your baby will start pushing out towards your pelvis and as a result, you will have a light and waddled gait, you may become increasingly clumsy and imbalanced while walking.

Showing of Blood and Other Fluid

There will be a flow of mucus-like fluid that may be red or brown in color. This is a definite sign of labor being close. You might even notice that the mucus plug is discharged. This plug hides the uterus from visibility.

Labor Contractions

Contrary to Hexton Bricks, these contractions won’t fade away rather only become more intense in nature. They are a sure sign that you’re about to go into labor. 

Your Water Breaking

It’s not necessary for your water to break early on. It can break after you’re already in the hospital. 

After all these symptoms show up, it will be a sure sign that your baby will be here in a few hours!

Although, if you experience a high fever, heavy bleeding, signs of preterm labor, any extreme signs that alert you to visit the doctor, you may not want to delay that visit. It’s important you’re cautious of the signs before it develops into something more fatal or life-threatening.

Third Trimester To-Do Checklist:

Keep Track of Baby’s Movements:

From week 28 of your pregnancy, you may want to start keeping a check on the baby’s movements in your uterus. Count the number of kicks you feel daily and notice the changes in pattern, especially during the last month.

Keep a Check on Your Weight:

Your weight will increase in quick numbers from the 7th month of pregnancy until the 8th and then becomes constant or you may even end up losing some by the end of the pregnancy period. But if you feel like you’re gaining too much weight or not gaining enough, discuss it with your doctor to bring your diet on track.

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Gain More Information on Labor and Childbirth

It’s important to gain as much knowledge as possible on the processes that will happen when you’re in labor, as well as on pushing the baby out. It’s recommended to enroll yourself in child birthing classes preferably by the end of the second trimester or the start of the third one. And take a tour of the hospital or care center where you plan to give birth, by the 7th month at the very least.

Prepare the Baby’s Wardrobe

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Prepare a Bag for the Hospital

Pack a bag for when you go to the hospital to deliver the baby and make sure you have the comfort you will definitely need there e.g. a soft comfortable pillow you can sleep on if you’re not trusting of hospital pillows, and similarly, all other such tiny items without which you can’t have a proper day. 

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Revisit Your Birth Plan

Make a proper plan of how you want to deliver the baby, whether you want an epidural and who will cut the umbilical cord. It is necessary to be sure of exactly what you want, things may not always go according to the plan and the priority will always be the health of you and your baby but when you do have a plan, it keeps you a bit more content.

Consult a Pediatrician

Ask for recommendations from those you know who have experience or knowledge in this field and make a list of pediatricians you could consider for your baby. Make sure you’re choosing the absolute best according to you and your baby’s needs as they will be associated with taking care of your baby’s health for a very long time to come.

Stock Up on Diapers and Other Necessities

With the baby coming, it should be a priority to stock up on a lot of diapers and other important necessities that your baby will need from the moment he opens his eyes in this world. Make sure you have all the appropriate accessories stored ready to welcome your baby in this world. 

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Prepare to Breastfeed 

Gain knowledge on the whys and hows of breastfeeding, consult a doula and learn the process properly for when the baby arrives, you’re going to have to start tending to his feeding cycles almost immediately. 

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This is your detailed overview of the processes that will occur during the third and final trimester of your 9 month pregnancy period and the things you need to prepare for. It’s not necessary for you to have all of the answers or all the knowledge regarding this whole period or postpartum. Bringing a human into this world isn’t an easy feat and you will not always be the expert. More often than not, you will feel clueless and frustrated. But just know that this is what every mother goes through. It’s okay if you make a mistake because that’s how you will learn to take care of the baby better. It’s a growing process and your baby won’t be the only one growing, you will too. 

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