Preparing for the Hospital

During the eighth month of pregnancy, with your delivery date right around the corner, it’s vital that you pack all your hospital essentials beforehand so that you avoid any chaos from erupting when the important date arrives. You need to make a checklist and make sure you’ve packed everything accordingly. 

Once you’re done ticking everything on that checklist, you will have enough time to add or remove things you may or may not need later. Just prepare everything a few weeks earlier; no one can be sure of when the baby will arrive and from then on you won’t have time to focus on much else. 

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What needs to be done before visiting the Hospital?

There are a few tasks that you need to take care of before you visit the hospital for your delivery. It’s important you take care of them now so as to avoid any inconvenience later.

  1. Take a tour of the hospital where you plan to give birth, have a look at their maternity and children’s ward to see if it satisfies your concerns.
  2. Pre-register at the hospital so that the staff has an idea of when you might arrive and they won’t cause much trouble when you do arrive for delivery.
  3. Make sure you have the numbers of your primary healthcare provider and their main staff.
  4. Make sure you have the proper transportation ready to take you to the hospital when the time arrives. 

What To Pack?


Even if you have already registered at the hospital, you will need to have some cash in your purse for when the need comes. If you travel to the hospital in a cab, you will have to pay the driver and also if you end up needing to buy something after reaching the hospital. It’s important to have ample cash with you at all times.

Important Documents:

It’s important to have all your important documents with you i.e. your ID Card, your pregnancy checkup cards you had to visit the doctor, confirm with the hospital about which other documents you will need to bring, check if they need your medical case history records.


Pack all the necessary toiletry items you will definitely need i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, hairbrush, moisturizer, lip balm, sanitizers and if you don’t want to use the hospital’s then soap and handwash, etc. You will also need a few headbands and a bottle of dry shampoo. It will also be very helpful if you store all these essentials into a tiny hanging bag to not lose them.

Nursing Bras & Pads:

Make sure to pack comfortable nursing bras and pads for after delivery. The size variations toward the end of the pregnancy and postpartum shouldn’t vary a lot so you will be covered in that department. Also, bring a bunch of underwear that will help you stay comfortable post-delivery. 

You’ll have to shop for your nursing essentials months beforehand in order to be prepared. To get the best deals, visit Breast Pads and Nursing Bras and Panties sections respectively.


Pack your comfy nightgowns and robes for your hospital trip, they will be much more convenient for you than wearing those hospital robes. Also, bring socks and flip flops to keep your feet cozy and relaxed at all times. 

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Books, Magazines:

We don’t promise a lot of hours of entertainment at the hospital, but just in case you do need to distract your mind, bring a bunch of magazines or your favorite book to read when you are alone and need something to fill up your time. Watching a few movies won’t be too bad either so prepare your iPad or tablet for that venture beforehand.

Sheets and Pillows:

Almost all the women I’ve known hate the idea of hospital sheets and pillows. If you happen to be one of them, you may want to bring your own sheets to the hospital and don’t forget to bring a few soft and fluffy pillows to keep you comfortable while sleeping or lying down. Just make sure you don’t forget them when leaving.


Juice, lollipops, candies, they’re all vital for your mouth to battle the postpartum dryness. Also, the snacks will come in handy if you don’t feel like eating your meals. 

Mobile Phone Charger:

Does this even need mentioning? We know you won’t be using much of your smartphone during this period but it’s still necessary (obviously) to be able to connect with people and make your important calls. Besides, you will definitely need your phone to make your delivery announcements among friends and colleagues.

Journal and Notepad:

This will definitely come in handy when you want to jot down the guidance on nursing given by your doctor. And it’s a good way to track your baby’s initial hospital schedule so that it can help out in the future as well.


Duh! Your baby’s first pictures deserve to be taken. And if you’re becoming a mother for the first time, you’ll be all the more excited to have memories of every single moment of your newborn’s life. Although all the smartphones now have good quality cameras, it’d still be nice to have a few polaroid shots of the little one and also you if you’re not too shy!

What to Pack for the Baby?

You might be going to the hospital as one but you will leave with a human being in your arms and there are some really mandatory items you’d need after they’re born to take them home. Here are the basics you need to pack for your baby.

Baby Bag

First and foremost, you need a baby bag to pack all the essential items, whether yours or the baby’s. A large storage bag will help you divide all you and the baby’s necessary items in the respective pockets so you don’t have to fuss around in the bag when the need arrives.

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You would need clothes and wraps to dress up and cover your baby. If you intend to get the little one photographed then take a few photoshoot dresses as well. And also, an adorable homecoming romper or top won’t hurt to pack either would it?

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Perhaps the one thing that you absolutely need to have a stock of before your baby arrives, is diapers. From the moment he/she is born, they’re going to need diapers. And they’re going to need them to get changed quite frequently, more than you’ve realized. The one place you have convenience in this department is that you can either buy reusable or/and disposable diapers, according to your day’s needs. 

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Baby Car Seat:

Did you know? It’s illegal to drive with a baby without a baby car seat. You NEED to have one in your car before your baby is born so that you don’t end up violating any laws, and compromising on your baby’s safety when you’re bringing the little one back home from the hospital.

Make sure to buy Car Seat Cover and Storage Bags for your baby’s safety and needs by clicking the respective links.

Nursing Cover

If it’s your first baby, then you’re new to breastfeeding. Your nurse will probably teach you on the basics of breastfeeding to lead you to a start. If you’re not comfortable breastfeeding out in the open, then there are a variety of Nursing Covers you could opt for. Just add this to the list of items you’ll take with you to the hospital.

Nail Filers and Clippers:

Your baby’s hygiene is of utmost priority and with that in mind, make sure you have everything from nail clippers to filers, etc in order to keep your baby healthy and neat.

Socks and Mittens:

The little one’s tiny hands and feet need to be protected, for which you are going to have to buy a variety of Socks and Mittens to help keep your baby protected from germs, chilly weather, and other harmful things. 

Sheets and Blankets:

Your little one is quite sensitive as a newborn. They need to be properly wrapped in covers and blankets to protect them from harm. So it’s necessary you pack a few covers for the baby to be wrapped in and tiny blankets for their sleeping time.

With the baby coming home, you will also need to babyproof your house. Although there is still time for the baby to start crawling around and touching things, it won’t hurt to take care of it beforehand rather than being sorry later. For this purpose, visit Safety Equipment from LA Baby Clothes.

Lotions and Other Accessories:

Not that we should have to tell you this but just in case, you need cotton balls, baby lotion, cologne, shampoo, soap, wipes and other such necessities for their dress-up needs in order to avoid rashes and other skin problems from happening to the baby.

These are all the mandatory things you need to take care of and have while going to the hospital to deliver the baby. If you think anything else needs to be added in the list, go ahead. We know you’re not going to permanently shift in the hospital, but you need these necessities to avoid worry and discomfort and anxiety. Just pack everything a few weeks before the due date, at the beginning of the eighth month is possible, because you never know when labor will start. 

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