Tips On Feeding Solid Food to the Baby

Now that you have decided on feeding your baby with solid foods, there are a few necessary tips that can help you in the process. What schedule to follow? Where to sit? What position should the baby be in while sitting? All of these are the most basic questions almost every mother asks at this time. This blog consists of all the basic answers and tips you’re looking for when it comes to feeding your baby with solids.

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Important Tools and Utensils:

It’s vital to make sure you have all the necessary equipment, tools and utensils you will need for the baby to feel comfortable and the food to be prepared properly. These include:

  1. Highchair: for the baby to sit on securely and comfortably.
  2. Floor Mat: to spread out below the highchair to ensure the floor doesn’t get dirty when the baby spills the food.
  3. Bibs: You need to start using bibs as early as the first month to avoid the baby from resisting wearing one once he is introduced to solid food. 
  4. Plastic Spoons: The baby’s gums are pretty sensitive during this age and soft, plastic spoons should be used to feed him instead of steel to avoid hurting the baby.
  5. Blender/Food Processor: Since all the food needs to be in puree form initially, these tools are necessary for mashing the solids.
  6. Storage Containers: In case you make extra portions for later, these containers will come in handy to store and freeze the food.

Don’t Feed Cereal Through Bottles:

Although it might seem like an easy and convenient idea at the beginning, feeding a baby cereal through bottles has more dangers than convenience. The cereal may not find its way to the baby’s mouth or it might flow at such a pace that it can become a choking hazard for the little one. The thickened formula can gag the baby or get inhaled in their lungs which isn’t safe. So unless the pediatrician recommends it, don’t use baby cereal in bottles but feed them using a spoon.

Don’t Hurry:

The baby will have a hard time opening their mouth for letting a spoonful of food in. Start with a teaspoon worth of portions and leave it on the top of the tongue so the baby can learn to swallow. Once he seems ready, you can start putting the spoon a bit further into the mouth. This is a learning process for the little one so he will take a lot of time. You don’t need to rush yourself or the baby. Give him time to savor the food he is eating, give yourself time to let him be fed.

Create a Routine:

Make the feeding sessions fall into a routine. Start solids with two tablespoons per session at a time which equals snacking, early evenings mostly. Try to lessen breastfeeding/formula feeding and supplement that with introducing solids in the mealtimes. A proper routine will condition the baby to anticipate being fed solid foods slowly and gradually and that will get him into the habit of accepting and then liking the idea of solids.

Don’t Give Up:

Your baby might reject a food 5-10 times before he starts to like it. The key is for you to keep trying to feed him. Put it as an ingredient in another meal he likes but make sure he is having those important fruits and vegetables so that he can adopt a preference for healthy and beneficial food. Only feeding him french fries won’t do for good eating habits in the long term.

Read the Baby’s Nature and Mood:

As much as teaching the baby to get used to solids is hard for you, getting used to eating it is more of a struggle for the baby. Be wary of the baby’s mood when you’re feeding him. A baby who had a fulfilling sleep may accept solids cheerfully while one who is sleepy or irritated will only look for breastmilk or formula milk. Give your baby time to decide this and tend to his needs. Try feeding solids in a later mealtime when the baby is accepting of them.

Serve Meat Early:

It’s important to get the baby in a habit of eating meat early in life as it leads to a higher intake of iron and zinc which are important nutrients needed for growth. They also help strengthen the immune system, helping them fight viruses and bacteria. 

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No Need to Serve One Food Before Another:

Many people believe that feeding fruits before vegetables can lead to the baby refusing to eat vegetables. But that’s not actually the case. Yes, babies do enjoy eating fruits more than they would vegetables but even that depends upon their individual differences. Whether you feed him with vegetables or fruits first, the important part is he adapts a habit of eating them and gets the proper nutrition he needs.

Bland Foods aren’t the Only Option:

Yes, babies can’t eat spices like the rest of us but it’s okay to feed them with the occasional light spices by adding them in their meals. This is a time to experiment with new textures and tastes so don’t shy away from this task. This is also a good time to figure out the taste preference your baby has been born with.

Encourage Imitation:

Babies love imitating their parents while doing any task so you need to encourage it during this time. Pretend to eat from their food and act like it’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted in order to encourage the baby to do the same when they try to imitate you.

Know When to Stop:

You need to take note of when to stop feeding the baby. Locked lips, turning away from the spoon, throwing the food out of the mouth are all signs that the baby needs to stop being fed now. Forcing him to eat is going to cause problems and may lead to food-related conflicts in the future.Remember these tips in order to be prepared for feeding the baby with solids. It isn’t an easy process and it needs strict surveillance but its an important milestone for the baby to cross. For this and more information, visit Little Angel Baby Clothes.

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