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When you get pregnant, thousands of different questions and scenarios cross your mind. After all, why wouldn’t they? It’s not a piece of cake to have a human being growing inside you. And how everyone in your social circle suddenly becomes an expert on what you should or shouldn’t be doing regarding your pregnancy; advising you on which diet to pursue, which doctor to go to or which delivery option to consider. All of this is bound to get overwhelming. So how do you turn people’s advice down? More importantly, how do you follow the proper guide that will make you a little more confident about the new life growing inside of you?

There is no easy answer to that, because of one simple reason: nobody’s perfect. You can’t have all the answers, especially when it comes to your own child. If you’re giving birth for the first time then you need to know that pregnancy is the process of you beginning to accept how little you actually know about the human mind, specifically the one you’re giving birth to. We have outlined a few pointers to serve as your beginner’s guide to pregnancy. 

Make a Doctor’s Appointment:

Once you feel like you’re pregnant, the first step you should take is to do a pregnancy test. Check on the last date of your period and take the test accordingly. If you already have an OB (a doctor specialized in dealing with pregnancies) make an appointment with them if you don’t then look for one, in order to confirm your pregnancy.

Once it’s confirmed that you are having a baby, you’ll need to talk to your doctor about safe medications during pregnancy. It’s also important that you are satisfied with the quality of services being provided by your doctor because if you are not then you might want to consider looking for another one. 

There’s one more thing you need to look into, make appointments with a dentist for regular dental check-ups; an increased hormonal level during pregnancy may end up affecting not only your health but your baby’s health as well. Studies have found that gum problems during pregnancy leads to bone loss over time in women and prematurely born babies.

Make a To-Do Checklist:

  • Pick up a pregnancy book and download a pregnancy app to keep you up-to-date and organized for the next 9 months.
  • Experiment different morning sickness cures.
  • Clear your cabinets of any products that have toxic chemicals.
  • Create a budget for how you will balance the finances once the baby arrives.
  • Make your bed as comfortable as possible to save you from any back or muscular pain.

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Pregnancy; Do’s and Don’ts:

Things You Should Be Doing:

  • Make sure to take a vitamin and mineral-rich diet. Try to get a proper amount of sleep. Set bedtimes. Any sign of fatigue means your body needs more rest, so make sure you’re giving it the rest it requires.
  • Set up a workout plan with your doctor. Exercising helps battle many pregnancy-related problems such as excessive weight gain, mood swings, insomnia, and muscle pain. Staying active is a key factor for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Get your vaccines on time, they will save you and your fetus from infections.

Things You Should Not Be Doing:

  • Don’t drink too much caffeine as it can end up increasing the baby’s heart rate. Studies show women can consume one or two cups of coffee but if you doubt your self-control then it’s better for you to stay away from it entirely.
  • If you’re a chain-smoker or even an occasional smoker, we’d recommend you to put a stop to this habit when you get pregnant. There is a greater risk for children to be born with learning disabilities to smoking mothers than non-smoking mothers.
  • Avoid raw food or unpasteurized products as they may contain Listeria bacteria that can prove to be fatal to your fetus. 
  • Stop Drinking

The Trimesters:

Anyone with basic information on pregnancies would know that it has three different trimesters, divided by different developmental periods of the fetus. A fetus is considered to be fully mature after 40 weeks of development; infants born before a 37-39 week period are considered premature and may have problems with their growth and development after birth. 

First Trimester (Weeks 0-13):

Both you and your fetus go through tremendous changes during the first trimester. This is the most crucial period as most birth defects and miscarriages come into shape during this trimester. During this time, your baby’s body structure and organs develop. While you experience a lot of symptoms i.e. nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, and frequent urination.  Morning sickness is the most common complaint during this period – it starts at about 6 weeks of pregnancy and tiny frequent meals and ginger tea may help through it. But if you think it’s more severe than usual, you may want to consult your doctor to help you.

Although these are the most common symptoms, every woman go through their own different set of signs and symptoms during the course of the whole pregnancy. Some may feel energized while others are increasingly emotional and tired.

Second Trimester (14-26 Weeks):

This period is also known as the ‘golden period’ of pregnancy as most of the ugly symptoms of the first trimester disappear during this time. You will experience decreased nausea, increased energy, and better sleep. Although back, abdominal and muscle pains become common during the second trimester. Around week 14-20 weeks, you may also start feeling fluttering movements of your baby.

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Third Trimester (27-40 Weeks):

At the final stretch of pregnancy, you’ll tend to become more excited and anxious for your baby to arrive. Some problems you might experience during this period are breathlessness, urinary incontinence, and insomnia. These problems arise due to the increase in the size of your uterus which goes from 2 ounces before pregnancy to almost 2kg at the time of birth.

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